Monday, 16 May 2011


This weekend I found my Inner Gypsy. I was happily able to set up my computer in our dear camper van, Gladys, and take up the threads of children's story that I started last summer and carry on. 

Now there are four chapters. It is set in Herefordshire and so writing it there is for me a real treat.

The view over Hergest Ridge from where I was parked was a lovely back drop as the creative juices flowed.

My Inner Land Girl spent the afternoons clearing brambles and nettles. 
My Inner Hungry Beast ate huge suppers and I slept like a log. 
All to be commended. 

It is so hard to find the right time and space for writing. Creativity sometimes requires quite special conditions: Certainly at home writing takes the back seat and even my own singing has to wait its turn. Housework, paperwork, teaching, cooking, gardening, family. All these come first at home. 

But away from home with our lovely old Talbot Autosleeper parked somewhere with a view, well that seems to be quite another proposition.

Creative fire burns internally and must be given time and space.....


  1. It is a beautiful Campervan Motorhome that I saw in ur in blogs.

  2. I wrote a lot of my children's novel "Mouse Castle" in the camper van in the car park at Penrhos. I was so evocative write in the location of my work. I drove around the locality and many references to actual places in the story. I had it all proof read last year and am now revisiting it in preparation for seeking an agent and publisher. This pursuit is a very dedicated one and will take us both a lot of patience. I think once I have gone through the story again and tweeked and tightened it up I shall be ready to plot out the sequel..