Sunday, 8 June 2014

The texture of love

The texture of love is the wind in the trees
Elusive till you catch a scent the herbs in the garden
The tearing of thunder cracks us open
and lightening sparks in our eyes

The texture of love is in curtains which we draw each evening
The switch on the standard lamp to illuminate the darkened room
The hand held
The birds' rhapsody

The texture of love is harsh and brittle
Aching and profound
It is in the pots and pans and the rose in the jar
In the maps of our journeys

The very good times
and the bad ones

The smell of lilac
The gardens and homes of strangers in which we wander
In the care of the National Trust
The old van to whose needs we tend
The old hearts that break and mend and break and mend

The texture of love is in all these things

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